1. A Chance To Get Close To Nature

Kayaking definitely offers you the ability to get closer to and interact with nature than a lot of outdoor activities.  You will be able to travel to sights and enjoy sceneries that only a very small percentage of people are able to access. If you are into recreational kayaking, you must have noticed by now the tranquility and that comes with it, away from noises, dust, smoke, and congestion of the urban setting.

2. Kayak To Be With Friends

During a fun day out, kayakers share a strong bond with fellow enthusiasts which builds camaraderie and enhances friendship. Whether you want to hang out, have some fun, or go out on a competitive streak, kayaking is for you. Personally, this qualifies as one of those very few outdoor activities you can engage with your partner to create long-lasting, sensational, and adventurers’ memories.

3. Adventure and Relaxation

Whether you are kayaking off a 30-foot waterfall, exploring crevices of banks of some hidden shoreline, or sneaking up on wildlife in a secluded island, you can never miss an opportunity for adventure during any kayaking event. There are very few things that offer the relaxation and serenity that come with watching the sunset over an ocean while seated in your kayak.

4. Kayaking Relieves Stress

Stress relief is probably one of the most cited benefits of kayaking, and it’s not difficult to imagine. Research by Leanna Fines and Dough Nicholason self-concept, satisfaction, and attitude benefits of recreational kayaking suggests that there are in fact more emotional and mental benefits to paddling beyond stress relief.

The study was based on people who had encountered brain injury and were not able to participate in outdoor activities. When exposed to a kayaking program for 12 weeks, the emotional and physical benefits were staggering. They recorded over 27% increase inpsychological, social, physiological and educational scores.

5. Great For Aerobic Exercise

Kayaking is a great exercise indeed. Very few other outdoor activities offer this level of aerobic exercise coupled with upper body conditioning. According to scientific research, kayaking for one hour can burn up to 500 calories. So, if you kayak for 4 hours, you basically lose 2000 calories; Weight watchers favorite! Yet another good plus and fun way to shed off some pounds. Pick up the pace today and race your heart rate to enjoy the cardio benefits without having to hit the gym.

6. It’s Adaptable and Versatile

You can use a kayak in almost any body of water; ocean, lake, dam, pool (well, large pool). Again, there are different uses within all those waters ranging from marathon racing to water polo or leisure paddling. First timers and learners are advised to keep of deep and violent waters, and always accompany a friend who has a good grip on kayaking or knows their way around the water.

7. Tone Your Tummy

Any fitness trainer will tell you that abs are the hardest group of muscles to work out. It is so difficult to get nice-looking and firm abs given that the area around the stomach is usually packed with hard-to-eliminate fats. You can, however, get that six-pack within a very short amount of time with kayaking. The rotational paddling movements you make during kayaking give your core muscles quite some good demanding exercise. This will also give your biceps and triceps an excellent workout, leaving you with bulky and firm looking arms.


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Spend Time in Nature

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Dear Sponsors, Friends and Supporters:

After Sunday's Fundraising Event, on behalf of the Karaiskakio Foundation and MapAdventures, we would like to personally extend a warm thank you for attending ... See more

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