More and more people are feeling a loss of connection with nature, as big cities grow smartphones and other technology become increasingly important in our lives. To balance the connection try to do biking in the nature, slowing down to allow your senses to appreciate the natural surroundings.

You’ll get closer to nature as biking is a pretty adventurous sport, the mere mention of which evokes a certain spirit of exploration.You’ll also get in touch with your inner-child, bringing you back to the days when life wasn’t about crunching numbers or furiously typing away in a cubicle, but of making the most of simple pleasures.


Time in nature is important to our health in general; it has been linked to lowering levels of depression, boosting one’s immune system and other wonderful benefits. So how can one connect with nature by biking?
Try MapAdventure’s biking experience near Vyrnwy Lake, guided and vehicle supported, including food and drinks.

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